Pilots under The United Reformed Church

pilotThe United Reformed Church is a Christian denomination with roots in the Reformation dating back to the 17th century. The church is based on its belief in respecting a person’s belief and the conviction that the majority is not always correct or right. This means that the church is based on a variety of opinions and perceptions held by its congregation and not the usual norms of the society.

Part of The United Reformed Church is a non-uniformed Christian organization called Pilots. The pilots consist of young people and children with different age brackets. However, in other denominations, there are youth groups but the well-known Pilot Company is under this world church making it a very unique thing in this denomination.

History of Pilots

Pilots have existed since 1936 when its two founders John Williams and his wife, Mary were on a mission to preach Christianity in the South Pacific islands. Their mission was great although it was filled with danger and eventually John was murdered. John was from the London Missionary Society.

After his death, the organization mobilized young children to contribute half pennies to buy a ship in John’s memory. It was after this that a number of ships were bought and the Pilots came into existence.
There have been changes in the Pilots Company during the years in order to keep the mission relevant to the changes taking place in the world and missionary work itself. However, the main belief of this mission is to cultivate a sense of respect on each Pilot in order to nature personal growth and spiritual wellbeing.

Mission Statement

Children and young people matter. Pilots give individuals a chance to share God’s love through inviting the young population to enjoy an ongoing life in Jesus Christ.

Who Can Join the Pilots?

Pilots are divided according to different groupings depending on their follower’s age. There is the Deckhands, who are children aged 5 to 6 years. Adventurers are 7 to 10 years of age. Voyagers are teenagers aged from 11 to 14 years and Navigators are teenagers aged from 15 to 18 years. This age groupings help in segregation of duties and missionary tasks among the Pilots. However, if one is slightly older than 18 years, one can join the Pilots in order to participate in growing a Christian community through fun and self-discovery activities.

Who Runs the Pilots?

Under The United Restoration Church, the Pilot’s headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom. However, regional offices help in serving the needs other Pilot branches located all over the country. The headquarters coordinates national activities for example Christian missions and inauguration of new Pilot companies across the country.

How Pilots Help the Local Churches

• Act as mission resource
• Offer secure environments around the churches while providing a room for self-discovery through fun
• Help the young congregation grow and develop in the Christian faith
• Participates in praise and worship during the church service
• Root themselves in the world wide church
• Meeting new people and growing new Pilot companies
• Reaching to other communities and teaching them of God’s love