Mirella’s Message

Dear friends.

Preparing for the Auction at the end of October was a huge undertaking and really highlighted the importance of team work and co-operation. These of course are key elements of the bridge-building which we are highlighting this year as our Every Person Challenge theme. We have been very heartened by the response of the community and thank those of you who have sent us donations towards our Disabled Access fund. We have also been delighted that the Village Friendship Group & 3210 parents & toddlers groups have been so willing to deliver leaflets to publicise the event. Thank you to everyone.

Team work, co-operation and bridge-building were vital sixty years ago when nations joined together to fight the evil of nazism & fascism. As we remember and give thanks to God for those who gave their lives that we might enjoy ours in freedom may we be inspired to play our part in furthering God’s will that all mankind live in a relationship of justice, peace & good neighbourliness.

One way in which we at Salem are asked to do that is through The Commitment for Life Appeal. Our Commitment for Life Sunday is November 28th. Last year we raised over £800 towards the Christian Aid projects involved and we hope to increase that free will giving this year. The project we support is based in Palestine in the West Bank & Gaza. We continue to pray for peace in the Holy Land for all who live there; both Arab & Jew.

On a totally different subject but still holding team work, co-operation and bridge-building in mind, those of you who regularly attend Church Meeting will know that I am just about to complete seven years of ministry at Salem URC. The Bradford District Council Pastoral Committee of the URC are presently reviewing my ministry and in consultation with the membership & myself are considering the future. The outcome of that review & their proposals will be brought to the January Church Meeting. We ask for your prayers at this time and particularly that you pray using the EPC Prayer Card.

As we follow Christ may our work and witness be a bridge of caring love that enables others to find their way to God. Amen

With all good wishes